Main Dishes

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Main Dishes

All meals are served with bap (rice), banchan and guk (soup)
*Exception: Ramyeon (banchan only), Japchae (banchan and soup only)
**Bap/ Banchan - extra

(beef, chicken or seafood over a bowl of rice, vegetables)
- beef (bulgogi)
- chicken
- seafood
- vegetarian
Choice of sauce: Gochujang, Atti, Soy sauce

marinated barbecued beef
- Bulgogi Baekban
- Bulgogi Deopbap (bulgogi over bowl of rice)
- Tukbaegi Bulgogi (bulgogi soup in a hot bowl)

Korean potato noodles
- Yache Japchae (vegetarian)
- Sogogi Japchae (vegetables beef)
- Japchae Deopbap (japchae over rice)
regular / spicy